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  1 American Crime Story: The People V. OJ Simpson


  Ryan Murphy is at it again。 Not content with ruling the TV landscape with American Horror Story, and Scream Queens in the last few years, he’s tackling yet another subject matter。 American Crime Story will chronicle a different true life crime from American history each year, and the first is taking on one of the biggest scandals of the last 20 years: the trial of O.J。 Simpson。 It premieres on FX on February 2。


  2 American Gods


  Will 2016 finally be the year that American Gods, the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel of the same name, finally makes it to screens? We can but hope。 After many false starts and passing through a number of hands, it is now being developed by Hannibal showrunner Bryan Fuller。 No one has been cast yet, although fan-favourites for the role include Jason Momoa (though he may be busy with Aquaman)。It does still have a shot at a 2016 release。


  3 DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow


  Both Arrow and The Flash have devoted a lot of their 4th and 2nd seasons respectively to setting up DC’s Legends of Tomorrow。 Based on the cast and crew, you would have to think it cannot really fail。 It’s taking a lot of the same production staff from those shows, including Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg。 The newcomers are Rip Hunter, a time-traveller played by Arthur Darvill, and Vandal Savage, an immortal who already appeared in the Flash/Arrow crossover event recently。 This will debut on January 21。


  4 Luke Cage


  Marvel and Netflix are currently 2-for-2 on their TV series deal, with Daredevil breaking new ground for the MCU, and Jessica Jones coming along a few months later。 While 2016 will also bring us the second season of Daredevil, it should also deliver the next new series in the deal, namely Luke Cage。


  5 Marvel’s Most Wanted


  2016 will see Marvel continue their quest to conquer screens big and small。 As well as films Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange, there’ll be second series of Agent Carter and Daredevil。 In amongst all that is Marvel’s Most Wanted, an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D。 spin-off (of sorts) focusing on Adrianne Palicki’s Bobbi Morse and Nick Blood’s Lance Hunter。


  6 Shadowhunters


  The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones may have been panned by critics when it was released at cinemas in 2013, but hopes are still high for the TV adaptation, which will air on ABC。 Director McG is one of the people behind Shadowhunters, bringing a lot of TV experience having worked on the likes of The O.C。 and Chuck, with the cast including Katherine McNamara and Harry Shum Jr。


  7 The Night Manager


  Olivia Colman。 Tom Hiddleston。 Hugh Laurie。 What more do you need to be convinced to give this a chance? The mini-series, based on the novel of the same name by John le Carré, is a co-production by BBC and AMC, and will debut sometime in 2016 (though there’s no exact date yet)。 With a stellar British cast, this looks and sounds like it should be an excellent spy-thriller, with the six parts being directed by Susanne Bier。


  8 The Shannara Chronicles


  Another book adaptation, this time of Terry Brooks’ Shannara trilogy, which tells of the adventures, war, and evil that occurs throughout the history of the fictional setting the Four Lands。 It’s being made by MTV, whose track record with original series isn’t exactly the strongest, but there’s still plenty of talent to make this interesting。 The Shannara Chronicles premieres on MTV on January 5。


  9 Vinyl


  The other big new music-themed drama on this list, and one with even more star power behind it。 This upcoming HBO show has been created by Terence Winter, known for The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, and The Wolf of Wall Street。 It’s being directed by Martin Scorsese, and executive produced by Mick Jagger。 This show promises to be fun, dramatic, sexy, and, well, rock’n’roll。 It debuts on February 14。


  10 Westworld


  Based on the 1973 film of the same name, created by Jonathan Nolan, executive produced by J.J。 Abrams, a cast featuring Anthony Hopkins, and airing on HBO。 Set at the futuristic theme park that gives the series its name。




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